Filter combinations

1.In football matches,3 teams are played,one is home team and another one is away team,draw team matches is one of them,each team have 15 matches,the player select the matches relevant probability is generated , the best we can say is how likely they are to happen, the player select each team with one matches,1 probabilities are generated,for example home team matches are 1 and away team is 2 and draw team is X,so 1 X 2 generated,

1 [home team matches]
X [Draw matches]
2 [away team matches]

i.In the foot ball matches,the player select home team with 15 matches ,away team with 2 matches and draw team with 2 matches,how many ways the probabilities are generated?and what formula to find filter 1's ,X's and 2's.Here i attach specimen,check it.

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