Find the lowest ordinal variable score of many variables

Hello guys,

I have an task to do that is a little bit weird and could find a solution. I have a series of liker-scale ordinal variables.

Do you feel confident you can do the following activities: 1 to 4 from low confidence to high confidence.

var1 = playing soccer
var2= playing basketball,
var3= cooking,
var4 = jumping

I need know based on my liker scale variables what is the lowest score received among all scales avriables for each respondent, For example: if participant #1 have 4 for var1 ,2,3 but 1 for variable 4. This participant should be count as var1. By the same token, lets suppos that participant#2 have his lowest score in variable2, he.she should be count as var2. My new variable should contain all my scale variable the counts of lowest response. Ex

New variable: let say that I have 10 participants
var1: 5
var2: 2
var3: 2

May be this does not make sense. At least I would like to be able to list the lowest score among all my variables.