Finding a Plan B for my analysis


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My question relates to health psychology study. I’m measuring self-assessed wellness at two timepoints (6 months apart). At the first timepoint, I’m also measuring some ‘personal factors' (6 self-assessment questionnaires, e.g what they think about their health). I’m looking to see whether these personal factors at time 1 predict their wellness at time 2. The data is questionnaire scores, all interval data.

Here’s my dilemma. I had planned to do a multiple regression analysis to see whether the personal factors at time 1 predict wellness at time 2, but unfortunately I have ended up with a very small sample - I have only 20 participants who have completed the study. As such, I cannot do a MR. As I need to write this up, I would like to show that I have made best use of the data possible. Do you have any ideas for how I might do this?

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Can you post the distribution of the scores at baseline, 6 months, and their differences? Did you see a large change or not?