Finding Probability using z-table help

The question is...

Assume that the readings at freezing on a batch of thermometers are normally distributed with a mean of 0°C and a standard deviation of 1.00°C. A single thermometer is randomly selected and tested. Find the probability of obtaining a reading less than -0.976°C.


I've tried rounding up and doing .1635 and that didn't work as an answer. I converted it to a percentage and that didn't work. I tried using the other side table and used .8365. I tried subtracting both from 1 and seeing if that would work. Nothing is coming up as the correct answer to the question. Is there something small that I'm missing here? I don't understand. I've reached out to my professor and have had only radio silence. If anyone could help me out before 12:00am eastern time today that would be greatly appreciated.