Finding/Sorting Members


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Is there any way to find/sort members of the forum? We can search threads but sometimes I've wanted to search for members that meet a certain criteria. For instance it would be nice to be able to search and see who is a TS Contributor or a who is a Mod. Sometimes I'm just interested in who has been active in the past 24 hours. Currently (maybe I'm just missing it) I can't figure out anyway to do this.

Am I missing a feature somewhere or if not is it possible to add this without too much work? Thanks.
There is a "view forum leaders" link on the homepage below the list of forums, and the page shows all the contributors. There are six mods now: bugman, CowboyBear, Dason, Dragan, Martingale, and TheEcologist.

Yes we used to have a list of all members, but it was disabled due to spam bots. There was a bot sending PM to every member! Spam is really a problem these days. I am going to post a spam report later and we catch bots every hour.