Finding Standard Deviation in a binomial distribution : Help Please


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I am trying to find the mean and standard deviation of a binomial distribution.
A basket ball player has the following probability for success in two shot free throws.
P(0) is 0.16,
P(1) is 0.48
P (2) is 0.36

I need to find the mean and std deviation.
I get the mean correctly as 1.2, but not able to get the std. deviation of the given answer of 0.69. Requesting guidance
Read here.

Note that you can determine P, the probability of a success on any single throw, from the information given. In fact, more information was given than is strictly necessary: You know that it's a binomial distribution (a throw either succeeds or fails), and that n = 2 (two throws), so you only need any one of the three probabilities given to determine P.

Once you have P, it's a simple matter of plugging the values into the formulae for μ and σ.