Finite mixture bivariate probit model

Hello, all,

I would like to model my data using a bivariate probit model but would like to explain unobserved heterogeneity of the coefficients in the model using finite mixture.

That is, I would like to explain the characteristics of the segments (sub groups) when I estimate my bivariate probit model. Conceptually, I understand this, but I don't know
how to estimate this using software.

I found that I can estimate finite mixture model using proc fmm (in sas) and bivariate probit model using proc qlim (in sas), but couldn't find the option or code to do both procedures in the same model. If the packages don't offer the options, should I use macro? I don't have much experience in sas macro so have no idea how to implement this.

Any suggestions and recommendations about books and articles are appreciated.

In essence, I need to know how to code it and prefer SAS and R.

Thank you!