First experience posting - not so good.


I posted this.

If a moderator has time I would appreciate them going through the thread and seeing whether I have some cause to feel that I am not getting the best 'poster' experience. Given this is my first time on the forum it is a bad first impression. I have been accused of wanting to spread misinformation about the Covid vaccine and called swine. I am sure that when this forum was created vigorous and lively debate was part of the plan. That is not what I got here. Judge for yourself how to characterize the response I have received.

I appreciate any time and attention that may be given to this matter.


No cake for spunky
What comments are you specifically complaining about.

This is a statistical board. We answer questions on statistics. It is not a board for political science conversations. To me it looked like they tried to answer your questions with statistical methods.
Thanks for getting back so quick. I did not raise any political science considerations. If you feel I did please point me to the words I used that would have led someone to believe I did. I thought I was asking a statistical question - how to determine whether a sample was representative based on sample size versus population size when there are outcomes in the full population that were not in the sample population. It is a general question - could apply to polling, to product liability, etc. Does not knowing how to figure that out make me 'swine asking for pearls'?


No cake for spunky
What did you not like about the solutions offered in terms of statistics. There was a deliberate effort to help especially by HLSMITH. You have to explain in a way someone can answer what you want. And about a specific statistical question.

A more general complaint is there are no answers, because there is no one with the expertise to answer or it has been answered before.

I deleted a comment that you objected to. I don't think it was meant to be personal, it was meant to say if one has limited expertise you have to be careful what you provide to them. This is true of me and I have been here 10 was just not said as intended.
Thanks for that. I have responded to Fed2. HLSmith's answer may be the way forward but right now it is quite a few steps above my level of understanding. I have some reading to do.