Fresh STAT. Master looking for STAT related jobs.

Hello everyone,
I am a fresh STAT. Master looking for job.
will graduate in December this year,F1 +opt.

a) Having fair experience in ANOVA Analysis, Linear modeling, Logistic
modeling, Survival data and longitudinal data analysis etc.
b) Being good at SAS programming, working knowledge of R, Excel, Access and
Linux operation system administration and configuration. Knowledge of the
fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures used in computer
programming such as JAVA(JDK V.7u25).
c) Writing Statistical Analysis Plan, statistics reports and generating
decent tables and Figures based on FDA guidelines.

Courses related projects ( using SAS mixed model, regression, traj, sql, etc).

Currently I am involved in projects(academic)(“Link Between Biomarkers and
Quality of Life in Individuals Undergoing Weight loss Interventions...“, "the most efficiently diagnose biomarkers combinations for predicating
incidence of Pressure Ulcers for patients during acute phase after ...")

I am an entry-level Fresh master, jobhunting now is tough. Thus, If you can help me obtain one stat related job ( analyst, sas programmer, ...), 10%-30% of my first-year salary will reward to you as appreciation.

If you are interested in my background, Please contact me.