Guilty Pleasure Movies


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What are you guilty pleasure movies?

My two top ones that I always watch but aren't particularly proud of because they're awful but I love them would be...

1) Hackers
2) Live Free or Die Hard (Honestly it's not a terrible movie but I feel like it is just so different from the first three Die Hards that I don't really even consider it a part of the original canon)

and then I'll list a bonus movie that I love and it really should be terrible but is honestly so good.... 21 Jump Street. It shouldn't be as good as it is but I love it and it's awesome and you can't convince me otherwise. Also the sequel is also great and probably shouldn't be good either.


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Gleaning the Cube or any mid-late 80s movie, I also love me some Donnie Darko any time or place

21 jump street is fun. I like it when they were talking about how to wear their backpacks or when they ask him if his car gets 12 mpg.


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Ok, I'll bite: Twilight (but only the 1st one, don't hate me). And... the 1st Scary Movie (but ONLY the 1st one).

@hlsmith Donnie Darko was good!

@Dason you should feel bad for starting this thread.