Healthcare vs. education: interpretation of the findings

Hello everybody!

So I came across two studies that test a similar model of reputation and its impact on financial performance in the contexts of US business schools and cancer-treatment hospitals.

In case of business schools, while the impact of prominence (think top of mind awareness) significantly impacts financial performance, the impact of perceived quality is insignificant. In contrast, in case of cancer hospitals, the impact of quality is significant, however that of prominence is not.

I am trying to get a better understanding of that could be the case. One possible reason I see is rooted in the fact that hospital payments could be tied to value-based approach, which depends on quality. Another thought I have is related to the "viscosity" of the healthcare market -- i.e., in case of education, it's somewhat "easier" to choose a well-known prominent university and send my kids there compared to selecting a hospital in the same fashion. Say, I've heard of MD Anderson or Cleveland Clinic, yet it doesn't mean I'd choose them just because of that.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated :)