Hello everyone!

Oh god I can only hope this place is what I've been dreaming and hoping for.
I'm a second year surgical resident at a tertiary care (over a 1000 patient beds) hospital and we have to do mandatory research as part of our training. I love the idea of research and doing it well, but I never learned how to do it properly (60% my fault, 40% fault of my teaching institution if I had to attribute blame). Now I've found a nice topic I want to work on and I went around to another institute that conducts a lot of research on how to proceed with my paper, but rather than helping me out I was told to study everything extensively, write down a detailed proposal, and then come back.

This didn't make me lose any of my motivation to do the work, but it did make me realize that I've been set back a few months at least, because I'd have to study up on statistics first to decide what sample size my study would need, what tests I would need to run, and how to run them. My statistical background is extremely bad and so I've been trying to read a medical statistics book for beginners, but even that became too difficult about halfway (200 pages) through, so I reverted to an even simpler book.

Then I found this forum. Hoping I can get some proper help and guidance here. Really looking forward to making good progress.


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Welcome! We can likely help you. Part of my vocational job is actually serving as an advisor to a cohort of general surgery residents on directing their research projects. They are also required to have a scholarly publication by the time of graduation. They are at a community hospital smaller than yours, but it is a Level I Trauma center. What program year are you?

So feel free to ask specific questions in a new thread. Heads up, I am going to make you define the research question, variables of interest, and sample.