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Hi all. My first post was to get some help with homework and that went superbly well. Thanks. I am a 2nd year college sophmore majoring in English taking an accelerated statistics course. It is challenging so that makes it fun in my opinion. An interesting introductory topic, when I was young I heard some public service ad about seatbelt safety. They were mocking the people that excused not buckling up with the excuse of, " I am just going down the street to the store, I will be ok." Then comes in the voice of doom saying that most accidents take place within 25 miles of home so we had all better buckle up. As an 8 year old this ad seemed slanted to me since I believed that most people typically drove within 25 miles of their home on any given day. When I spoke to my parents they did the typical parent thing, buckle up and stay safe, while I wanted to dissect the meaning of the claim. Anyhow, I realize now that I had been thinking about this philosophically through the logic branch with slanted language trying to coerce the masses and the statistical approach through probabilities and compliments. Just a thought but thank you mods for doing what you do and thanks to everyone for being a part of this interesting community. Cheers!


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I like your quote, welcome aboard. Yes, I remember those factoids from my youth as well, but thought it was a much shorter distance. Funny enough they always seem to hold valid. Now lets hope people's brains don't really fry like an egg.