Hello, I'm new to this website. Can someone help me with decision making stats?


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Thank you!

This is the problem below:
Compact Cars Project – Part 1 - Proposal
The spreadsheet entitled Compact Cars has sales data for six of the top car models, over a six month period in 2018. We do not have sales for the whole of 2018 year, meaning the data we have at hand is a sample of the 2018 whole year population data.
For the entire 2018 year, our goal is to test, whether the mean number of car types sold is substantially different for the six models and whether the mean number of cars sold per month is substantially different between the months. At this point in time we are new to data analytics and are not aware of any specific tests to find the answer.
As such we want to infer the answers for the entire 2018 year to the questions above, from the sample data.
Phase 1 report must include the preliminary findings:
  • What are the means, medians, modes, range and standard deviation for each of the six car models? Draw box plots.
  • What are the means, medians, modes, range and standard deviations for each of the six months (January – June)? Draw box plots.
Your write up a “project proposal”. Initial findings should be between 1-2 pages long, that will include a brief introduction, description of the data, and the business questions from above points 1. & 2. to be answered, and basic exploratory analyses using descriptive statistics (graphs and numerical summary measures).
Your report should have the following sections, arranged sequentially:
1. Introduction and problem background
2. Data description and the business questions to be answered
3. Initial data exploration – descriptive statistics/graphs
4. Analyses
5. Interpretation of results, deficiencies in methods, final conclusions and recommendations for decision-making