Hello all,

I live in Australia and work as a data analyst for Queensland Health but, to be fair, given the scope of what I do I wouldn't really call myself an analyst. I basically extract data and then prepare graphs around it, providing very rudimentary descriptive statistics: counts, averages, medians, perhaps a percentile if I'm feeling particularly adventurous.

I want to be able to expand what I do to something more useful around my area (waiting lists and emergency departments) - looking at what can be done over what has been done - and have been studying online tutorials around more advanced statistics. I am now at the point where I know how little I actually know. To learn, I've been using R - I have a reasonable knowledge of coding so doing things is not so much the problem as knowing what it is I should be doing.

To really get to grips with 'real' statistics (inference and predictive, especially) , I wanted to post and discuss some real-life cases that I'd like to explore, and get advice on the best way (or ways) to approach and solve the problems, leveraging the experience and knowledge on this board to learn myself.

Anyway, hello again to everyone. It's great to be on board :wave:.