help for final dissertation in finance- very easy stat - URGENT! :-)

Hi I am about finishing my thesis in finance but I don't remember anything about statistics and I need your help!! here is my issue:

the topic of the thesis is "exit strategies of private equity funds in luxury goods
company". The hypothesis is that, given 3 possible types of exits (trade sale, secondary buyout and ipo), private equities investing in this sector tend to choose more often secondary buyouts than what happens in other sectors.

In order to do that I took into consideration all the exits that took place between 2003
and 2013, distinguishing between the "luxury goods" sector and "all sectors"( which
includes luxury goods deal as well).

I ended up with this results:
- luxury goods: 107 transactions, 53% trade sale, 41% secondary buyout and 6% ipo

- all sectors: over 13391 transactions, 65% trade sale, 29% secondary buyout and 6% ipo

Moreover I have the distribution of my exits by year...

how would you test my hypothesis??

i have a couple of ideas but none convinces me!

thanks a loooooooot!!!!


TS Contributor
Subtract the "luxury goods" companies from "all companies" so that
you have 2 distinct groups (luxury goods versus all other). Then you
can build a crosstable company type x exit strategy and use Chi².
Moreover I have the distribution of my exits by year...
This is very nice.

With kind regards