Help: grade distribution issue

Hi guys! I apologize in advance if my question is not right for this forum. However I hope that you guys who deal with statistics could help. :) My mates had a test examination (200 questions total). Majority of the people did excellent. The grading was as follows:
200 / 200 on the test was converted to grade 10,
199 / 200 converted to 9,
190-198,9 / 200 converted to 8,
140–189,9 / 200 converted to 7,
(no information provided on lower scoring).

For reference: 10 is the maximum, lower than 5 is failed test.

The issue we had with this grading method was that the interval between grades 8 to 10 is extremely small and it leaves no place for human error (2 errors out of 200 questions result in 8).

However, aside from our personal dissatisfaction, are there any grading rules overall? Is it possible to say if the grading was fair or not, statistically speaking.

Thank you guys for your input! Please educate me! :D


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What do you have in mind if you say "fair or not"?
And are the grades important for anything (apart from "< 5 = failed")?

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