Help me solve this problem!

In an ICU , 90% of people are unvaccinated. 10% of people are vaccinated . From 100% (90+10) , a 10% die.

Is possible to calculate the possibilities of an unvaccinated man to die?


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What do you actually need to know (or is this a class exercise in which case Dason already gave you the answer). :p
The data given thus far makes no association between vaccination and death. It only says some people died, and also some people were vaccinated.

How the two sets overlap each other isn't specified.
What do you actually need to know
What is needed is data that makes that connection. At least one of the three mutually exclusive regions of the Venn diagram has to be measured.

Something like this:
Of the 15 people who died, six had immunization records showing vaccination.
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