Help needed for upcoming exam: Chi square

Okay...I have calculated my chi square with an answer of 8.33. No alpha is specified (so Im assuming it would be stated as 0.05). Degrees of freedom is 1

Question 1: How do I know what the p value is from this information
question 2: what does 8.33 mean? does this correspond to a p value?
question 3: if no p value- how do i determine whether to accept or reject the null?

Thank you


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You need to look up the value on a chi-square distribution table or you could use computer software. A general rule for getting an idea if the value may be significant is squaring 1.96 the cut-off value for the normal distribution. So if we say, hey our value is more extreme than 3.84, we know that it should be associated with a p-value < 0.05 (since 3.84 is associated with the 0.05 level of significance marker for the X**2 distribution). When looking at a table it appears the p-value should be < (1-0.995).

See if you can come up with those same results.