Help needed with HLM 7


I've been trying to open a data file in HLM 7 (The free students' version). To do it I followed the instructions of Garson on "Introductory guide to HLM with HLM 7 software". That is, I go to file -> Make new MDM file -> Stat package input -> HLM2.

There, under Level-1 specification I click on browse and choose the file I want to open.

However, no matter what file I want to open or in what format I save the file (the original files are in an SPSS format) I keep getting the same message - "Unable to read stat file header"

I searched the internet for a clue on what do to but I don't seem to be able to find anything. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks a LOT in advance!
Solved the problem. Apparently the ID of the cases was sorted incorrectly. Strange because it did work on a different computer. Anyway, changing the ID solved the problem.