Help! NY Stata tutor needed ASAP

Hello --

We are seeking a NY tutor for stata for our son who will be entering an Economics PHD program in the Fall. We would like to hire a one on one tutor for this software as we understand it is crucial to his studies.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Does your son have any prior statistical or statistical software experience? What about resources at the university or his advisors?

You might want to be more specific about what types of statistics he will be studying (e.g., forecasting, Macro(global) models, etc.).
Thank you for replying!

My son has taken statistics and econometrics on an undergraduate level. However, he is not familiar with statistical software outside of rather limited usage during his classwork. We are hoping for an introduction to the software to give him some facility before beginning his PhD studies. His computer skills are not his strongest suit, and I am concerned that he needs some facility with basic stats software prior to beginning his coursework.

I realize this forum includes highly experienced statisticians, so perhaps not the right place to begin. Unfortunately, I am not having much luck finding alternative sources. I have made inquiries with the university, but there is nothing available in advance.

Any assistance or recommendations you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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PhD students are students, so they don't need to know everything beforehand. (Otherwise, what would we teach them?) I see a PhD program as "vocational education for researchers", so an important part of what we teach PhD students is the "craftmanship" of doing research. This includes becoming comfortable with relevant software packages beyond the level required for doing coursework, developing a work-flow that scales to larger research projects, aquiring some experience in doing real research, etc. I don't expect my PhD students to enter their studies with that knowledge and skill, but I certainly hope that they will leave with it. However, I teach in Germany and there are differences in what is expected. If someone on this list from the US can comment whether this also applies to the US, then that would be helpful.

There are several courses on offer to help people get started with Stata, see for example here: . I have had good experiences with the NetCourses. But as I have said above, I would actually first find out what the level is that is expected of your son.