Help! Performance of multiple seperate MANOVA's


I'm in need of help. I encountered an issue regarding my statistics.

Here some background about my research:
- I have 36 participants assigned in 4 Groups (independent variable, IV) based on differnt combinations of flexibilty.
- Number of participant per Group. Group1=7 ; Group2=9 ; Group3=11 ; Group4=9
- I have 25 dependent variables (DV) splitted in kinematic- (8DV) and kinetic (17) variables
- The research question is, how do flexibilties alter differnt kinematic / kinetic variables during a vertical jump performance.

An assumption of the MANOVA is, that I need at least as many participants per group as DV's. As you can see, this assumption is definetely not met.
During literature review I saw that many researches perform multiple MANOVA's.

Is it "allowed or valid" to split my DV's in 4 chunks and perform 4 seperate MANOVA's?

In case someone needs more information or does not understand (I'm not a native speaker) anything, I will be happy to provide you with more details.

Thanks, mko.0