Help understanding K means results

Hi there,

I am doing K means statistics in SPSS for the first time and I am unsure of what exatly the results show. I have outputs of 'Initial Cluster Centres', 'Iteration History', 'Final Cluster Centres', and 'Number of Clusters in Each Centre'.

I have 9 clusters, could anyone help me understand what each output is able to show. I am able to post screen shots of the data if that will help.

Thanks in advance.
I am by no means an expert on interpreting k-means results, but I recently conducted the analysis for the first time and found that the easiest way to understand the data was to see it visually. I saved the Z-scores of the variables that originally went into forming the clusters (in my case, it was 4 types of academic regulation) as new variables, then used the "compare means" function on SPSS to compare the z-scores (as the DV) and the k-means cluster variable (as the IV). Using the output means, I graphed each cluster center (i.e., the mean) in Excel and was able to interpret the data from there.

Hope this is somewhat helpful!