Help with Biostats Hw question

The research team has considered your answers to the above. They’ve narrowed their interest to two outcomes (for now): Number of episodes of early rejection symptoms and rejection status. However, they want to know how many subjects they should recruit for each outcome. For simplicity, they think it’s best to have equal allocation to each arm. They’ve decided that they’d like to achieve a study power of 0.8, and use an alpha level of 0.05. Since the medication is relatively unknown (it did cause rats with hepatitis C to perform better in mazes), they believe a two-sided test is best. They’re not sure what difference to expect between the arms, but have settled on what they think is a reasonable effect size. In the chart below, they’ve summarized the outcome expected in the placebo group and the clinically meaningful difference. Please provide a sample size estimate assuming, unrealistically, that there is no attrition during the trial Standard deviation= 1.732 and placebo result is =3 and the clinically meaningful difference= 2. What is the sample size

I already have an answer but I wanted to make sure it is correct, I used G-power to find the sample size and for the test I used the Difference between two independent means. From the question I understood they wanted two tails and the alpha is .05 with a power of .8 and when I plug the numbers in I got 98 total is that correct or am I doing something wrong?