Help with choosing the right analysis and how to manage a gender-matching variable

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to read my question, it is very specific and based on a particular problem I've never come across before.

I will start with the variables.
1. Corporal Punishment (CP; as a child) - Present or Absent. From both Mother and Father (measured separately).
2. Gender dyad - is the gender of the participant the same or opposite to the measure of CP. All participants will have information on both same and opposite.

The DV:
1. Psychological distress (Depression, Anxiety and Stress) - measured using the DASS.

Each participant will have:
Participant Gender / Maternal CP scale / Paternal CP scale / Psychological distress

CP in childhood leads to greater psychological distress in adulthood.
CP is found to be higher between same-gender dyad (Father and son, Mother and daughter).
So, how do CP, gender dyad and psychological distress interact with each other?

The hypotheses:
Psychological distress will be higher when:
1. CP is present and gender dyad is the same, compared to when CP is present and the gender dyad is the opposite
2. CP is present and gender dyad is the same, compared to when CP is absent and the gender dyad is the same

3. Psychological distress will be the same for same gender dyad and opposite gender when corporal punishment is absent.

I am considering using a Moderated Multiple Regression analysis for this question. However, I don't know how to make a variable for the gender dyad, as it isn't really a variable.

Does anyone know how I can determine whether same/opposite gender dyad moderates the effect of CP on psychological distress?