Help with SAS code

Hi friends .Please help me how to code for the below scenario. We have a person with id ‘a’. He had tattoos all over his body parts with specific visits such as week 1 , week 2,week 3 and week 4(W1,W2,W3,W4). Tattoos are permanent on those particular body parts even the visits increment.
So in the below scenario “ankle” did not show up in week 3, then query should fire and “wrist” and “shoulders” did not show up in week 4, then also query should fire. Basically if any of the specific body parts that are there from starting visit or got added along the way should continue to show up at every visit. If missing they should come in the output. Like this we should check for many ids/many persons.

Id Visits Tattoos on specific body parts
a w1 Ankle
a w1 Wrist
a w2 Ankle
a w2 Wrist
a w2 Neck
a w3 Wrist
a w3 Neck
a w3 Shoulders
a w4 Ankle
a w4 Neck
a w4 finger spaces

Output should be as shown below:
Id Visits Tattoos on specific body parts
a w3 Ankle
a w4 wrist
a w4 Shoulders