Help with understanding this paper

Hi, I am reading this paper by Duffy et al "A SOCIAL CONTEXT MODEL OF ENVY AND SOCIAL UNDERMINING"

I am trying to understand Table 2 for Study 1 in the paper. Specifically, I don't understand what are step 1 and step 2 for the Moral Disengagement column and the Social Undermining column in the table. How were these statistics arrived at? What are the equations used for steps 1 and 2?

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TS Contributor
These are results of multipe linear regressions. For example, they looked how "Moral Disengagement"
was explained/predicted by 9 variables in step 1. Then "Social identification envy" was added in step 2,
so one can not see how large the regression weight for that variable is, and also how much the
regression weights of the other 9 predictors change, and how much the variance explained by the
regression model (R²) increases.

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