Hi Everybody!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I'm working on a statistical problem and am hoping to enlist your collective wisdom.

I was a mathematics major as an undergraduate many, many years ago. I was more interested in the theoretical side of mathematics than the applied statistics and probability stuff. But I've forgotten almost all of it anyway. However, I believe that the study of mathematics instilled in me an rigorous logical approach to problem solving.

The problem I'm working on involves the analysis of a time series. I've tried to do my preparation to get an idea of the proper questions to ask, but I would appreciate getting input from the experts.

My first question is: Should I post my problem on the "Applied Statistics" section?


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Yeah, that should be fine. Nobody around here is going to get too upset unless you post the question in multiple categories and title it HELP URGENT and provide no info or expect us to do a homework problem for you after you post a homework problem word for word with no attempts to answer it yourself. But you already seem decent, so fire away! We look forward to your questions, comment, and eternal friendship.