Hi how are ya?

Hi all,

I'm a data analysis / database admin for a major hospital in Toronto, Ontario....I've signed up here because the analyses I'm getting involved with are a little out of my scope of experience and I'm using software that I'm unfamiliar with...

My name is Chris and I'm married (no kids)...I'm a huge computer geek, and a fan of all things geeky (Star Wars, Star Trek, Neal Stephenson, etc. etc. etc....).

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!


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We've had a few of these 'intro' type threads lately. I might pool them together into one mega introduction thread at some point...


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I don't mind all the separate intro topics nor would I mind if they get pooled into a "Introduce Yourself" sticky. I do however think it is nice that new member introduce themselves and that should be encouraged more.

However if you make an introduce yourself sticky, why not get the regulars to be the first posters there?


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That's not a bad idea. I would probably not merge all of the intro threads into that one then because the merge functionality uses the timestamps of the posts to decide which post should go where so the threads I would merge in would come before any responses. I don't know of a way to change that.