Horse racing - probability & betting strategy

I have setup a machine learning model to predict horse racing result in HK. The prediction rate seems reasonable. My first three pick of horses to get in the top 3 of a race over 2000 races is around 65-70% for the first pick, 45-50% for the second and 35-40% for the third.

Although the prediction and real race results are looking good. But my betting strategy needs improvement. I am looking for a partner with good probability and statistics skill to help to analyze the result, to improve the accuracy of the model and provide a decent betting strategy.

If you are interested please send me an email.

Thank you.
This sounds interesting, but I don't trust this race prediction. I tried betting once, but it didn't go well at all, so since then I don't put bets anymore. I become more of a casino player now. I don't know why, but I found it fun. It's a good way to spend some quality time, and to not waste your money like I did in betting. One more thing, if you really like betting on horsing races, it's your money, and your choice. Have a nice one.
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