How do I combine variables in SPSS to create a new variable?

I want to create 6 groups in SPSS, originating from 2 groups but I don't know how to do this. I have one variable A which is binary (0.1-1 millimetre or >1 millimetre) and another variable B which has 3 possible values (3 treatment strategies for cancer: wait-and-see, polypectomy or surgery). I want to create a third variable out of these 2 with the possible outcomes: 0.1-1 mm + wait-and-see, 0.1-1 mm + polypectomy, 0.1-1 mm + surgery, >1 mm + wait-and-see, >1 mm + polypectomy, and >1 mm + surgery. Is it possible to do this in SPSS and if so, how can I do this?


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If the data file is short (small number of cases), then you could sort the data by variable A and variable B,
and then do it by hand (i.e. give each case one out of 6 different code numbers, for the 6 combinations).

Otherwise, what you can do depends on whether your variables are numeric or alphanumeric,
and if numeric, how they are coded.

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Dear Karabiner,

Thank you for your response! It is a very large number of cases, so sorting by hand isn't an option. My variables are numeric (as in variable A can be 0 or 1 and variable B can be 0, 1 or 2).


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COMPUTE newvar=variableA*10 + variable B.

0 "0.1-1 mm + wait-and-see"
1 "0.1-1 mm + polypectomy"
2 "0.1-1 mm + surgery"
10 ">1 mm + wait-and-see"
11 ">1 mm + polypectomy"
12 ">1 mm +surgery" .