How do I interpret Gender Dummy Variables?


Can anyone explain to me how I interpret dummy variable output? I am used to looking at gender as two variables not as a dummy. I am new to statistics and am looking at data from an ols regression model. The gender dummy variable - women (1-0) is significant but I am just trying to understand how I interpret this. If I am looking at gender differences against the dependent variable 'equality' How does this include men? Does is at all? Any help would be very much appreciated.


Mean Joe

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For example, if the WOMEN variable has parameter estimate 1.4, then when WOMEN=0 (ie male) you have EQUALITY=<whatever> + 1.4*0, and when WOMEN=1 (ie female) you have EQUALITY=<whatever> + 1.4*1.

You don't need two variables because there's no way WOMEN=0 and MEN=0, or WOMEN=1 and MEN=1 for an individual.
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