How do you perform statistical analysis on a multiple response variable on SPSS Statistics?

Hi all,

I'm conducting research looking at the attitudes of medical students toward research. I am using SPSS for data analysis but am struggling with particular variables, more specifically, multiple response variables. I'm very new to the software and am teaching myself using online resources so apologies in advance if this is a simple question.

The survey used to collect data has a question regarding students' motivations to pursue research. This question has a number of potential options where the respondent can choose as many as they would like (e.g. to increase employability, financial gain). I've figured out how to use the Analyse->Multiple Response->Frequencies function to produce a frequency table, but I want to perform further analysis on each individual answer. That is, I want to determine whether a categorical variable (e.g. gender) influences whether a student is more likely to pursue research for whatever reason they have selected in the question (e.g. to increase employability) and whether this is statistically significant. For example, is there a statistically significant link between gender and wanting to pursue research for financial gain?

Is this possible in SPSS? Any help would be hugely appreciated!

You can turn the variable into several dummy variables. But be careful with the analyses since the new variables will not be mutually exclusive.