How many data rows can SPSS handle?

In a few weeks an internet survey will hopefully start that should get a response rate of somewhere between 2 and 6 thousand people. I'm assuming the latter for now, just to be sure. The (MySQL) table will be split into subtables, but the biggest subtable might still have some 2500 records.

We are to do a multiple regression analysis of a couple of variables. But can I just load that subtable into SPSS? Can it handle that many records? If not, what would be the maximum number of data rows it can handle? I searched its Help section but couldn't find the answer there.
"well a few days back i search for the question, the number of variables and
cases SPSS can work with, and i found the answer at a web-link, thats
tells, we can work with 2.15 billion variable and 2.15 billion cases in
SPSS, but it is recommended, not to load, huge number of variable at the
same time. but load variable of interest at a time. But i literaly never
work with more than 100 variables."

"Can SPSS 14.0 handle a data file consisiting of 542,000 cases and 12 variables?

Easily, on any machine that's at all recent. Probably, any one that can
run Windows XP comfortably. See just-posted "Re: Upper limit on number
of variables in SPSS 14?"

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