How many mothers with shoolkids (scholars, pupils). COFFEE inside


There are 22.681M school age kids in Philippines, how many MOTHERS (or FATHERS) do they have?

Knowing that the Fertility rate is 3.569 children per 1 woman of reproductive age.

The total fertility rate of a population is the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetime
My guess would be: 22.681 / 3.569 = 6.355 mothers have those 22.7M schoolkids.
Do you think we can calculate that (with approximation ~500k of course - I hope it's ok to take the 2015's Fertility rate for all those kids?).
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So it's not just a textbook problem or something like that? Seems like it won't be directly answerable with just the information you've given. For an easy to see reason just think about some of the possibilities. Even if we have an average woman who gave birth to approximately 3 children maybe one of them is older than school age and maybe one is in school and one is young and isn't in school yet. Not a typical situation but it's easy enough to see how we can't just look at the average number of children per mother to get the estimate you want.
If only it was children per MOTHER (not woman of reproductive age), it would be roughly the number I need. =( The question is can we call that woman of rep. age a mother?
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There must be a way to roughly calculate all mothers (or families) with children of schoolage.

Shall I ask in some other TalkStats branch?