How should I connect alleles?


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I am new at statistics and I have problem that I have no idea how to solve.

I have biological data, which includes expression levels (130 patients) for different alleles (I'm analysing SNP's) of different genes (over 500 000 genes). First thing I did was finding those genes, for whom I have at least 3 patients with each allel (AA, AB, BB). The thing is that I have to analyse those which have less than 3 patients. I have to connect this groups somehow, but I'm not sure how. The only thing I figured out is that I can't connect AA and BB, which from biological point of view is pretty obvious. Only possibilities are to create groups AA+AB or BB+AB, but I have no idea how to choose proper group.

Is there some statistical rule that would allow me to fit one (or two) value into group?

Any help will be appreciated