how to add a semicolon (;) in exporting SPSS data into a CSV-file

Hello SPSS friends,

I am a frequent SPSS user (mostly using for describing statistics, and aggregating/manipulating/editing big data files). Normally I export the resulting data to and *.dbf or *.xlsx file. But now I want to export the SPSSdata to a CSV-file (,) where the delimiter between the variables default a comma is . I would like change this in a semicolon because some of my (string)variables contain also commas and therefore gives problems while importing in some other software. Therefore: those someone know (the syntax) how to export SPSSdata to a CSV file with a semicolon between the variables. Already thanks.


Jan Jans
Hello Friends I found the answer: if your spss TXT (or CSV) output default is given a comma (,) between the variabeles but you want a semicolon (;) than add this extra sentence in your save translate outfile (see page 1855 of the manual) :
/ textoptions decimal = comma