How to calculate sample size by G*Power?

I want to use the application P*Power to determine the sample size. Is there someone who can help me with the right settings?

See attached:
- Test family
- Statistical test
- Type of power analyses
- Input Parameters (tails / effect size / err prob / Power)

My statistical test will for 1 research model:
- Linear regression 3 x
- Mediation analyses 1 x
- Moderator on the direct effect and mediation 1x

What settings in G*Power should i use?



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Well, you pushed this thread only 5 hours after you started it. How fast did you expect
an online forum to solve your (very) special problem?

Regarding your initial question, unfortunately I don't know for sure what you mean to express with
your attachment. Have you already consulted the G*power manual, and how far did you proceed?

With kind regards

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