how to change axis scale on scatter plot (or eliminate outliers)

I have a simple scatter plot that I want to adjust on the Y axis. My values ranges between 200 an 4000, but 99.9% of my plots are on the bottom, between 200 to 700. I can literally count 3 plot points that that are above 3000 (most likely outliers).
The output of my Y-axis is in increments of 1000, which I do not want.

1. how do I scale my Y so my increments are smaller, so I can see the scatter plots.

2. If 1 is not the best solution, how do I eliminate the outliers in the code?

Here is my code so far

data LR;
set work.'creditscores lr'n;
percentage = LR * 100;

ods graphics on;
ods select scatterplot;
proc corr data=lr plots= scatter;
var CreditScore percentage;
ods graphics off;