How to control the number of variables to display in one page using proc report

My goal is to make a data listing which contains 10 variables. However, the space for a single page is not sufficient to display all 10 variables. I used proc report to make the listing file. SAS will automatically cut off the 10 variables into 2 pages. I hope that I can control how many variables to display in each page: ex. the first page displays 6 variables and the second page displays the rest 4 variables.

How to make this happen?

Thank you!
I've asked a colleague and got the solution.

We can use page option in the define statement as below:

proc report data = *** ...;
column ....;
define var1/...;
define var2/...;
define var3/...;
define var4/...;
define var5/...;
define var6/...;
define var7/... page;
define var10/...;

In this way, SAS will display the first 6 variables in one page and the rest 4 in another page.

Hope this helps!