how to convert numeric date to day of the week.

I'm trying to convert a 8 digit numeric value to the day of the week. I,e, convert 20160804 to 'Thursday', or 'Thu' or something similar.

I still don't quite understand how to convert formats, but here is my thought process:
convert the 20160804 to a date format first.
convert the above date format to the day.

I googled the answer and the only thing I found is this:


I still do not understand it, so I'm not sure if this is a good start.
I do not understand the put statement. what does the 8 do?
in the input statement, Is this where it converts it to an actual date? hence there is the YYYYMMDD8?

If the above is correct, what is the next step to onver it to a day of the week?