How to convert two different types of measurement (both in ms) to run a MANOVA?

I measured reaction time and movement time in an experiment (within-subjects measures) and want to run a MANOVA in SPSS with these measures as the two dependent variables. They are both in milliseconds, but the raw scores are not comparable. My question is how to convert them? Is z-score the best option?
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What do you want to achieve by a transformation? Since
MANOVA creates a linear combination of the dependent
variables, a transformation is not necessary. Do you have
a particular linear combination of the DVs in mind?

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Thank you for your reply! Oh! I just assumed I would need to. I'm totally new to stats so apologies in advance! So I can just use the raw measurements? I'm not sure what a linear combination of the DVs means :s My intention was to investigate how the two DVs might be related to each other and the manipulations, and I was told I would need to run a MANOVA. At the moment I've just run 2x2 repeated measures ANOVAs on each of the DVs separately. I was also told I could make new DVs from one of the factors (call it A and its levels 1 & 2) by calculating (A1 - A2)/(A1 + A2). I'm not sure what that creates though. Apologies again if this information is not sufficient!