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Let me start with I'm not a stats person and I did a stats subject last year, I have some ideas about what I should do just not 100% in fact I'm probably 25%!
I have an assignment/experiment in where I have proposed to look at the preferred path chosen by arboreal mammals

Trees have been removed from a known species corridor, which means that the species that regularly use the area/path need to find an alternative path. I have identified 2 possible paths and will record the number of species that use Path A and Path B

What I would like to know is what is the best way to statistically demonstrate the preferred path, that is path A over Path B



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You could use a binomial test. Your null hypothesis could be that (e.g.) path A was chosen 50% of the times.
If this null hypothesis is rejected, then because path A was chosen either significantly more often than 50%, or significantly less often than 50%.

Alternatively, you could perform a one-sample Chi² test with two groups. The null hypothesis would be that the relative frequency in both groups is the same (i.e. expected proportion 50% in each group).

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