How to develop a health coverage plan for a particular disease?

Currently, there is no government health coverage for cancer in our country and the prevalence of this disease is increasing rapidly. So I have collected data on the cancer scenario of the country and want to conduct an academic research where I want to estimate how much money the government can plan to allocate to support the expensive treatment of the cancer patients so that the feasibility of taking up such a government supported health coverage can be checked. I'd appreciate if you could provide me with some references where I could see how such health coverage plans for a particular disease can be developed. I believe such literature do exist but I couldn't find the helpful ones from my Google search. Could you please suggest where I might look at?
I understand your problem There is no health coverage plan for this disease and this is the very deadliest disease. I Gustavo Woltmann want everyone to stay fit, do yoga, morning exercises to stay away from all these kinds of bad diseases. Don't eat junk food too.