How to enter regular e-mail address? esp. for int'l users

How can I use my regular e-mail address with Talk Stats?

Talk Stats seems to have rather strict criteria for which e-mail addresses are "acceptable." While I suppose that's out of concern about SPAMmers or other abuse, it means that I can't sign up with my regular e-mail address... in fact, not even with my secondary, tertiary, etc. They are from some of the largest companies on the market for free e-mail addresses (nothing shady :eek:)). For the moment I'm using a university address that is about to expire, so that I soon won't be able to get mails anymore.

What can I do?

I guess it bothers me even more because I know that people in many countries use *only* e-mail addresses from such companies. Students (or even professors?) there don't get university e-mail addresses, so that they're generally excluded from posting here... which seems very unfair, especially because these same countries usually don't have great libraries where you can easily research stats questions.

Any ideas as to how to solve this problem?