How to Improve my Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit Significance Value

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone here can help me.

I'm making a model for my logistic regression. For the variables, I'm using 1 Dichotomous Dependent Variable (Financial Distresss, Y) and 2 Continuous Independent Variable (Corporate Governance Score, X and VAIC Score, Z). I'm using logistic regression in order to find the relation and its significance of X to Y, Z to Y and interaction between X and Z to Y. The sample amount I'm using is n=136 Mathematically speaking, it is expressed as:

log(Y/1-Y)=a + bX + cZ + dX*Z

However, when I ran the logistic regression in SPSS 25, my Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-Fit Significance value is 0.00 , which is interpreted as a lack-of-fit in the model.

Is there anything that I can do to my data in order to improve the significance value of my Hosmer-Lemeshow (HL) in SPSS?

I've searched in the web and there aren't many detailed solutions about it, some even dismissed the idea of using HL test as a means to see whether the model is fit or not. But because of my sample size, which is relatively small, I really need to carryout this test.

I've attached the data and its output in this thread that can be opened by SPSS if you're interested in seeing it. Thank You!