How to represent odds ratio as a figure

Hello, I carried out some analysis in my master's dissertation which i'm trying to publish, its a stratified analysis within 3 countries while adjusting for confounders, so for each country there's a crude OR and an adjusted OR and 95%CI. The reviewer suggested that i present the information as a figure rather than as a table. How do I go about this?
I don't know what the reviewer intended. Why don't you write to to her or him and ask?

(Maybe someone else has a suggestion.....)

(By the way, I don't like to download unknown files....)


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Figure is not necessary, because it would be redundant. If you used a figure you would want to remove the table.

In the figure I would just present the ORs with CIs for crude and adjusted right next to each other. So y-axis would be the estimate value and x-axis would be the countries. You would make the crude and adjusted estimates look a little different, perhaps crude would have unfilled dots for estimates and adjusted would be presented as filled dots. Since these are ORs you would need to make sure the y-axis is on the log scale.