How to show statistical significance of one choice in a 4 choice question?

Participants are shown a video of two performers. They are then asked to select an option from the following 4 choices:

1. Performer A exhibits emotion.
2. Performer B exhibits emotion.
3. Both performers exhibit emotion.
4. Neither performer exhibits emotion.

My responses are about 0%, 72%, 0%, 28% respectively.

Is there a way to show that performer B is (or isn't) statistically significantly seen to exhibit emotion more that performer A?

Mean Joe

TS Contributor
You can take your 4 choice question and make one variable: % of responses that says (s)he exhibits emotion. For performer A, you add #1 and #3. For performer B, you add #2 and #3.

(Since you want to make a %, divide by the total #1-4.)

Then you test for difference in percents.