How to test changing effects of climate change with a model.

Hello everyone,

I'm developing a model to test the effect of different climate change variables (drought, heatwaves...) in two different rates of change in forest growth (periods: year1990 - 2000, year2000 - 2010). A total of three differente censuses were developed to obtain de data (1990, 2000, 2010) The main hypothesis it that those variables of climate change are affecting differently in these two rates of changes.

I'd like to know if somebody has a suggestion about how to create a model, or maybe two different models, to test how these variables are affecting the response variable and if the climate change variables changed between periods.

Thanks in advance.


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It's good that you have that part sorted out. There are very likely parts of that solution which can be used for this new part. Was there anything suggested on the other thread that you used? I suggest that you repost this question on the other thread, explain what you did, and acknowledge any suggestions given in that thread that you found useful.
Then explain the current problem more carefully and I'm sure that folk will have ideas that you can use. kat