How's the new look?


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It looks like you might have added a chatbox but I don't see a way to add myself to any "rooms" so can't actually chat.


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Will you add a "Moderator Zone" subforum back in at some point? And should we move this thread to the "Forum Feedback" subforum - it seems more appropriate there.


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Do you know why we can't edit our chatbox posts right away but after a little while it's possible to edit them?


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In the old version of the Forum I used to see a list of recent posts, regardless of the general topic they fell into. Now I can't find it. It's just me, or that option is not present anymore?


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It does seem like spunky did lose his mod status. I don't think this was intentional but if you didn't intend for that to happen you might want to look into that. I also think ondansetron lost his contributor status. I don't know how you control those kinds of things but you have a list of who has what status or have a way to query that it might be worthwhile to investigate.


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@quark It seems like at the moment the ability to create a new "conversation" which is the equivalent of sending a direct message in the old software is broken. I know you said things will be broken but I figure I'll report the things that don't work here so they don't get forgotten. For example if I go to my "Inbox" and click "Start a new conversation" I get:
Oops! We ran into some problems.
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
I am able to start a new conversation by issuing a user a warning and choosing the "start a new conversation" option though. Which means at the moment I could start a conversation with everybody except mods or above (i.e. you)


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And it doesn't appear as if moderators have the power to edit anybody else's posts. So it looks like I won't get threatened with lawsuits over that... sad day.
I am not sure what the point is of having mods if they can not edit posts :p Oh I see spunky has lost their power not all mods. I am afraid to test if I have this ability anymore... I guess I could edit all of dason's posts, but it appears I have to do this one by one so its not worth it.

Did the awards go away as well (it looks like it)?


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It seems I don't have the ability to modify any posts (not even my own). Is this intentional?

PS, trinker is cooler than me in all vector space.
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@quark I dig small thing...when I hover over icons to figure out what they are the text comes up where the cursor is, making the text that pops up unreadable

....Though it's not the same for all computers I use